Six Curiosities about Ouzoud Waterfalls

If you are on holiday in Marrakech, or if you are planning to come here, chances are you already heard of Ouzoud Waterfalls, one of the most chosen excursions outside the city.

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Ouzoud Falls Landscape

They are located about 150 km northeast of Marrakech and every day many people come there to admire their beauty. But why are so popular?
Here you have 6 curiosities about Ouzoud Waterfalls to read before you go!

1) The Tallest

The Ouzoud Waterfalls are the tallest falls in North Africa. Ouzoud Waterfall is actually a collective name for several tall waterfalls that empty into the El-Abid River gorge. Technically it is called multi-step falls. The total height is 110 meters (330 feet).

2) What does it mean Ouzoud?

Do you ever ask yourself the origin of a name? Ouzoud is a Berber world that roughly translates in "the act of grinding grain" and speaks volume about the past of this region. Before the falls became a popular touristic attraction, they were vital for the local economy in another way: powering watermills.

3) ...and they are still there!

The tourism did not supersede the agriculture in the region and, during your path to the top of the falls, you will admire dozen of beautiful mills still in function!

ouzoud falls restaurant pools

4) Ouzoud's natural pools...

Being a multi-step falls, as we stated before, the Ouzoud Waterfalls form various natural pools along the way down into the El-Abid River gorge. Most of them are both navigable and swimming.
You can take a boat there and go up to three meters near the falls!

5) ...and Ouzoud natural rainbows!

One of the most beloved attractions of the Ouzoud Waterfalls, one that draws so many people here, are the rainbows. Due to the peculiar micro-atmospheric environment, the falls are "crowned" with small and beautiful personal rainbows you can admire along the way from the several panoramic spots of the trail.

Rainbow Ouzoud

6) A rewarded climbing to the falls

Reaching the top of the Ouzoud Waterfalls has been recently made more accessible by infrastructure built by the local administration. Still, it remains a long way to walk. 
As a reward for your persistence, on the top of the falls, you will find a beautiful panoramic restaurant to restore your energy and even an inn for those who want to extend the adventure overnight.

BONUS: Monkeys of the falls

Monkey by the Ouzoud Falls

Ah, we almost forgot: the whole area is full of monkeys. They are used to tourists and some of them love to play with humans.