The 10 Best Greek Islands to visit in Summer 2018

Are you ready for a summer full of funny moments, culture, sandy beaches, and unspoiled island? Take a look at this: Greece is waiting for you!

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Greek Island

The clock is ticking and the day is drawing near. You have always dreamt of a holiday hopping from one island to the other in maritime Greece. You have everything else set but have no idea where to begin with over 2,000 atolls and better land masses to choose from. Here is a short list of the best islands to visit in 2018. 


Hydra Greece

The beauty of Hydra comes from the fact that it has no motor vehicles moving there. You will never come across a scooter, a car or any other form of motorcycle in the area. The only means of transport in this area is are donkeys, bicycles, and your feet. This might sound awkward but it also has its beauty in it. 
To get to Hydra, you only need to take a swift ferry ride to the place and you will be there in a few minutes. Another thing that has made this island stand out is the fact that it has very low population. If you desire to know how life in the past was like, when the world had the least habitation, then this is the place to be. 


Sunset in Crete

This Island reminds tourists of the ancient archeologists and their work. They made this place look beautiful and built stylish buildings that were highly adorned with art. This place was however redone and become a bit difficult for children to get there. 
There is rich history for the children who manage to get to this Island left behind by the ancient archeologists. They did a great work of building unique caves among many other tourists attraction sites that will leave you fascinated. 



Is it time to have a family tour and you are not sure the best place to be in, then worry no more because Paros is a perfect place for you to visit with your family. It has beautiful beaches that are well sited which are one of the best things about this Island. Paros is located in the middle of the Aegean Sea. This is a great tourist site for families.  Another thing that makes Paros stand out among other tourist sites is the ideal traditional villages which are eye-catching. Some of these villages include; Parikia, Naoussa, and Lefkes. 
The paved ways and whitewashed housed in these traditional villages have been a great tourist attraction sites for Paros as an Island. Not forgetting the cartwheeling turbines that are clearly visible as you take your ferry rides. This has made this Island famously known as windsurfing thrill seekers. 



There are times when all you and your spouse and family as a whole is a quiet place that will both give you space and serene environment as well as keep your teenagers entertained. if this is what you are in need of, then Zakynthos is a perfect choice for you. 
This Island is not crowded but will at the same time offer your teenage companions an opportunity to mingle and have fun. It has a dramatic coastline that is eye-catching and will for sure leave your family thrilled.  The good news is, other than your teens getting an opportunity to mingle, you will also get an opportunity to interact with other tourists in their beautiful beaches. If you are into sporting, then this Island will leave you well taken care of no matter how long you stay there. 



Santorini is the real example of nature’s beauty. There are beautiful and attractive sites in Santorini that you might never see anywhere else. We all travel and carry a souvenir from our vacation. Santorini will not only give you a souvenir but it will give you a new view of nature and its beauty.
The residents and investors of Santorini have also learned to appreciate its beauty and for that reason, they have built candy-colored buildings and blue-domed roofed houses that make the view of this place enticing from far.   
 Give yourself a day or tour and tour Santorini Island and get an interesting and exciting experience that you might never experience elsewhere.



History is made of memories. A good tour must involve adventurous and fun-filled activities which are exactly what Rhodes offers you. Rhodes is one of the most beautiful Islands in Greece that have attracted tourists from all over the world. 
There are a number of best hotels in Rhodes that are well packed with everything you would ever dream of. They are set for family members from the youngest to the oldest. Different sporting activities like swimming, skiing and many more are all available at Rhodes Island. 



Although some people travel to Mykonos Island with their families and get spaces in a number of quiet resorts in the Island, this is best known for its vibrant night-life. It is the best place to have a day or two with your friends catching up and having special time together. 
For those who dare to come with children, there are numerous activities by the sea that will keep your children entertained the whole day. It will also create sometime to hook up with the rest for dinner or a few drinks when your kids fall deeply asleep from the many activities they got themselves involved in during the day. 



This is located directly east of Paros. It has also been confirmed to be the largest Cyclades Island. Naxos and Paros share in a number of qualities some of which include: nice beaches, sporting activities and many more. However, Naxos has more villages to visit, mountainous interior and slightly quiet nightlife and a few tourism developments. 



Kos comes second from Rhodes in both popularity as well as size. It is among the Dodecanese Islands. It is full of great sporting activities, have ample sunshine compared to many others as well as resort development. Its most famous attractions site is the Asklepion. 



This is another great and beautiful place that you must set your foot in. It has a unique multicultural heritage that makes it unique to this day. Although there are several resorts developed in this Island, it is a bit quieter compared to other Greek Islands. If you need a less crowded area to spend some alone time with your spouse or family, then this will be a good deal for you. 
It’s now time to get up and hit the road. There are enough places to visit that can guarantee you different and fun-filled experiences in each one of them. It’s now time to get things done!