7 tips (+1 bonus) to overcome the fear of flying

You afraid of flying? So take a look at these seven tips to overcome your fear.

Travel tips


If you like to travel around the world, it's possible that often you need to book a flight. 
Did you ever wonder how can a metal box full of people fly for thousands of miles? It’s a joke?
It’s not! They do, they fly! But, because many people still have this legit doubt, we decided to help you.
Here there are our seven tips to overcome your fear of flying!

Take a look at these statistics

fatal accidents planes

Do you know it's easier to die by a shark attack (one chance in 3 million) than a plane crash (one chance in 11 million)? Do you know that cars and motorbikes are way more dangerous than any other transport and, listen to this, the airplane is the SAFER ONE? 
This is all true, and maybe you already know. Try to think about this, when you are on board.

Think of the hostess and the rest of the cabin crew


You usually take a flight per year, or two, right? They fly almost every day.

Do they look like people who know they're dying? We don't think so.
They are so calm and relaxed because they know better than you there is nothing to worry about!

Think you are not alone


The inverse trick is to think you are not the only one with this fear. Actually, stats say almost half of the people suffer from the fear of flying, with different degrees. On this plane, one in two people is fighting the same battle. Look at them and don‘t "over-pathologize" yourself!

Choose the right seat

passengers airplane

Not all the seats are equal. The ones near wings and motors are more likely to be a noisy and unstable place. It’s not like you are going to die because you choose the wrong seat, of course. But, if you are impressionable, you will hear a lot of “strange” (i.e. not strange at all) noises there.
So, look on Seatguru to find a peaceful seat.

Think of something else

woman watching out

We know that it’s not easy to “distract ourselves” on command. Still, having something really interesting and absorbing to do is an efficient way to forget about your fear of flying. So we suggest you think ahead and to save something you know you will love to do on the plane. It can be a book written by your favorite author, a great music album or a movie you were waiting to watch since ever.
You book your flight with months in advance: during those months, remember this advice, and “save” something for the trip.

Talk to a friend (or a new friend)

men being distracted

Another useful thing in order to distract yourself is to talk to a friend. Or, if you are traveling alone, to a NEW friend, your seatmate! It’s easy to socialize in situations like that. Just try to not monopolize the conversation about your fear of flying: can be an icebreaker but then switch to other topics.

Relaxing Techniques 

A long-term solution, useful in a lot of situations, not just on a plane, is to learn some relaxing techniques.
We are talking about meditation, mindfulness, breathing techniques and so on. These practices teach you a lot about yourself and come in handy every time you will feel overcome by fear and agitation: job interviews, first dates and, of course, flights.

"Bonus Track"


Nothing works? Well, see a specialist. We already said this is a really common fear. There are many therapists who know how to treat this phobia. Maybe you just need a tranquilizer. But don’t self-med! Always ask a doctor before you start medication.