Formula X: Globol gets on track

Not just travel, trips and tourism: Globol became a Formula X sponsor!


Formula x harp

There is more to motorsports than Formula 1!
The single-seater auto racing scene is way more populated! All around the world, there is a lot of tournaments and championships, divided by sets of rules, the age of pilots, engine types, etc.
One of these competitions is the Formula X Italian Series, a federation that organizes six different championships every year. 
The Predator Challenge Championship is the crown jewel of Formula X Italian Series: an amazing tournament, composed by 10 races, lasting from April to November. These 10 races take place in Italy: the first stage is in Varano. Then, the championship moves in Magione, Cremona and Cervesina Races. In the end, the tournament comes back to Varano for the final race.

Harp team

Every team can choose between two models of car: the new and aggressive PC_015, and the old-fashioned PC_010. 
Globol sponsored one of the first team to run with the PC_015: the Harp Racing Team! The pilots worked side by side with engineers to improve the model. 
The Predator Challenge Championship ended in November and Francesco Solfaroli, our top tier pilot, earned the podium with a great third place!

The so-called “minor sports” are full of stories and passion, and luckily, at our time, it’s easy to follow them with streaming broadcasting on the internet. If you are a racing fan, don‘t watch Formula One alone! 
Globol is glad to be on board with this great adventure!
See you soon for the next season… when our Predator Car_015 will be ready to shine in every Italian race!