Great things to do in Rome during Summer 2018

Summer is probably the best seasons to visit the Eternal City: find more about things to do during Summer 2018 in Rome: concerts, events, and more.

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Tevere with boat

Rome is one of the richest cities in the world when it comes to archaeological sites, art, treasures as well traditional. In fact, the "also-called" Eternal City is the origin of modern day civilization which spread across Europe, Asia, America, and Africa. Also, Rome is the origin of Christianity that has spread all over the world with millions of faithful.

Most tourists who visit Rome are thrilled by the magnificent sites and other attraction in the city. The best time to visit Rome is during the summer because, in this period, there are numerous activities, exhibitions, and events.

Ancient Rome

Let's find out some great things you can do if you ever decide to visit Rome during the next Summer 2018.

Ancient sites to visit in Rome

Ancient Sites to Visit in Rome

When you visit Rome this summer, the first thing to do is visit Ancient ruins at the magnificent roman forum. The visit of the magnificent ruin will help you have a picture of what the people of the Roman Empire lived, their cultures, their traditions as well as their way of life. The site is estimated to have been built in 500BC and was expanded by Trajan, Augustus Caesar, and Julius Caesar. Some of the notable icons on the ruins include the Arch of Titus, Circus Maximus as well as Trajan’s column

Visit Rome Rose Garden

Rome Rose Garden

While in Rome this summer, you also need to visit Rome’s rose garden. The garden is located on the eastern side of the Aventine hill and it is reopened every April 21 up to June 17th. 21st of April is the official birthday of the garden and people from all walks of life are given a chance to visit the garden and have some fantastic time. For flowers lover, the higher of the garden provides the best views with different types of flowers and a beautiful natural environment. On the lower part of the park, you will find 2018 entries for the flowers competition and you will find different specimens from all parts of the world. 

Visit Castello Orsini-Odescalchi

Castello Odescalchi

After visiting the rose garden, another site you should visit is the Odescalchi Castle located in Bracciano. The Odescalchi castle is one of the few ancient castled that are open to the public during in summer. The site is located in a hilltop town giving a magnificent view of the lake below. The castle was built in 1485 and it was home to the Orsini family, the last of the feudal lords at that time. For several centuries, several families have been fighting over the ownership of the castle but today it has been opened as a cultural heritage site. Various tourist companies offer a day trip to the castle and there are so many activities to do while on the castle and on your way to the castle. 

Experience Artists at Teatro dell'Opera

Teatro dell'Opera Rome

While still at Rome, you also need to experience Artists at Rome's Opera House for an amazing art experience. Artists’ performances have been happening since 1880, but in 2013 the scope of the opera festivals was expanded with performances from top artists, fashion design, painters and to film directors. The 2018 version features renowned artists including Pablo Picasso. What makes the exhibitions unique is that fact that it tells a tale of the current artistic and political trends. In addition, the artistic works look at the history of art in the country and try to find a common ground or a mix of both history and the present. The first you visit Opera House; you will be lured by strains of opera music which alternates in various rooms. The experience at the opera house is amazing to make the site a must visit whenever in Rome. 

Shopping Experience in Rome

Shopping in Rome

No one will believe you visited Rome if you go home without doing shopping. Rome is home to numerous shopping mall with the best fashion outlets across the world. If you want the best bargain for designer shopping, you should visit the following boutiques in the world. First, if you want to shop the recent design from Gucci, you need to visit Spanish Steps and the Via Condotti. If even if you do not buy anything, you will enjoy amazing display and designs for men, women and children fashion. Other notable shopping points you should visit include Via Cola di Rienzo, Via del Corso, Porto Portese Flea Market and EurRoma2 and Castel Romano Outlet. To make your shopping experience even more exciting, most of these malls allow users to use foreign currencies for shopping meaning that you do not have to convert your money to go shopping.

Experience Rock in Rome 2018

Rock in Rome 2018

Another event you need to attend when you get to Rome is Rock in Roma which takes place from May 29 – July 29. The 2018 Rock in Rome festival brings popular rock artist in the city including The Killers, Jeff Beck, Roger Waters, Megadeth, among many others rock artist. The Rome Rock is one of a kind event due to the rich rock music coupled with Italian culture. For Rock lovers, Rome is the ideal place to visit this summer.

Enjoy Rome-by-night

Trevi Fountain by night

Apart from events, Rome also boasts of amazing nightlife with many clubs and resort. The nightlife in Rome is so addictive that you can be sleeping during the day and doing your things at night. Other factors that make Rome an amazing destination this summer include friendly people, security, affordable cost of living and amazing weather.