Top 10 app for travelers

Discover with us the top 10 app for travelers: translations, restaurants, audio guides, and more!

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In the third millennium, travelers have a lot of power in the palm of their hand, to the point that old tourism business structures are almost obsolete. Smartphones have changed everything in our life and they come in handy mostly when we have to gather a lot of information quickly. So it's not a surprise that there are many apps dedicated to travelers. But do you know the best ones?

We wrote a top 10 app for travelers list to help you with the wide range of possibilities you have.


1. TripAdvisor

tripadvisor logo

The queen of travel apps. The most famous site of reviews for travelers is a must-have for everyone who likes to know the best place to eat, drink or sleep. It was an early adopter of user-generated content strategy: travelers say to other travelers what to do, in complete honesty.

With more than 315 million reviewers and over 500 million reviews of hotels, restaurants, attractions and other travel-related businesses, there is no place where TripAdvisor's hand can't help you!

2. Google Maps

Google Maps

Ok, maybe you know this incredibly useful app already. But, judging by the number of tourists that still ask for information to people, there's a chance you don't use it a lot.

Google Maps is simply the best tool to move around in a place you don't know. It has a very precise localization system and it can tell you the best way to reach any point in town.

There's also a lot of additional services signed on its maps like places of interest, transportation schedule, and other useful info. But, as we will see, there are other apps better suited for this purposes.


3. Wi-Fi Finder

wi-fi finder

Talking about the localization of specific services, here we have the perfect tool to find the closest free Wi-Fi point. For every city, Wi-Fi Finder will show you bars, restaurants, and hotels that can provide you some internet.

If you go abroad, finding a good Wi-Fi spot can save you a lot of money, without dealing with some strange mobile phone operator's offers.

4. Bag BnB


You check out of your hotel at 10 AM but your train is at 5 PM, you have half-day to visit the town but you have to carry your luggage with you. What to do? Some hotels and b&bs are kind and let you leave your luggage there. But many of them don't offer this service or don't have an adequate security system. BAG BNB is what you need. It's a luggage storage network active all around the world. For a reasonable price, you leave your luggage to the closest BAG BNB point and roam around the city with no weights at all.

5. Vox City Guide

vox city guide

When you go to art heritage cities, it's good to book some guided tour to learn everything about monuments and museums. But it's necessary? In 2018 it's not. Vox City Guide is an incredible app for self-guided tours designed for people who don't like to follow.

With Vox City Guide you can visit places of interest and move around the town in complete autonomy, finding places of interest and listening to professional audioguides.

6. AroundMe


Gas Stations? ATM? Tobacco Shops?

This kind of little, but sometimes vital, utilities are what Google Maps often miss. Luckily there's AroundMe: another map apps with a focus on... well, what's around you.

It also shows things like bars, restaurants, and hotel, but for that, we suggest you look at TripAdvisor. You need AroundMe or all other little services. To travel smart sometimes is like a puzzle: every piece needs to match the other!

7. MetrO


As we mentioned before, there is one last thing that Google Maps can do so-and-so: it's transportation info. For this kind of service, we suggest you use MetrO. MetrO has the best database of transportation service in major metropolitan cities all around the world. Sure, if you know the local company that manages the transportation, download its app. But if they don't have an app or English language is not available, go for MetrO.

8. Just Eat

Just eat

Now you know all the best places to eat and the best ways to reach them.  But it's a raining day, you are tired and you don't want to leave your Bed&Breakfast. What to do?

Just Eat!

An app true to its name. It's the major Food Delivery company and it's useful even when you are home. When you travel, you usually plan to eat outside a lot. Still, it's better to have this trump card, just in case!

9. Google Translate

Google Translate

Nowadays almost anyone can speak English,  in particular, people who deal with tourists a lot, like waiters, innkeepers, museum's staff and so on. But there are a lot of occasions when you need to translate something - it could be a sign or a paper - and having a translate app in the palm of your hand can save a lot of time!

10. Tinder


We bet you didn't see this coming. It's not a joke. Or, well, not entirely.

Tinder isn't just a dating app and more and more people use it when they travel to get to know locals!

If you are single and you are traveling alone (or with a friend), Tinder is the best way to meet funny people who know the place very well! We don't say you must have a romantic date: many users, when traveling, stress they don't want implications in the bio.

The "dating setting" can be nothing but an excuse to have a night out with another person. Anyway, if you want something more, we are not here to stop you ;)