How to reach Venice from Marco Polo & Treviso Airport

Discover all the ways to reach Venice from Marco Polo Airport and Treviso Airport. Buses, taxis, and more!


Venice city

If you book a flight to Venice, you will either land in Marco Polo Airport or in Treviso Airport. Both of them are quite far from Venice center, so you have to choose how to reach the actual city. There are many ways to do it. To help you, we wrote this clear and simple guide to transports to Venice from each airport. 

From Marco Polo Airport

Marco Polo is the closest one and the "real" Venice's Airport (while the other one belongs to the city of Treviso).  Marco Polo Airport is located on the other side of the gulf so you can reach Venice by sea! These are the option you have:


By Alilaguna Ferry-boat (Vaporetto Alilaguna)

These ferry-boats, managed by Alilaguna company, will take you to San Marco in 1h 10m, with many intermediate stops:  F. Nove, Lido, Rialto and Guglie. Check where your accommodation is and drop off at the best one. The ticket fare ranges from 8 to 12€, depending on the destination.


By Bus

Two different companies go by this route.


ACTV: this bus costs 8€ and goes to Piazzale Roma, the closest point to Venice Center where every motor-driven vehicle has to stop. It takes 20 minutes or so to reach its destination. There's an ACTV ride every 15-20 minutes.

Venice Airport Bus Shuttle or ATVO: this company offers the same service of ACTV but there's one ride every 40 minutes. However, this company manages another route to Mestre Train Station, that comes in handy if your hotel is anywhere near there.

By Water Taxi

This is the luxury option and, clearly, the most comfortable one. You can purchase a private ride from the airport to Venice on these speedboat taxis but it will costs you more than 100€. 


By Regular Taxi

You can also reach Venice with a regular taxi on wheels. It's cheaper and comes with a flat fee: 40€ for a ride to Piazzale Roma. We recommend to always ask the cab driver how much the ride will cost and remember them about the flat fee.


From Treviso Airport

Treviso is a city far from Venice about 40km. Many flights for Venice land here and you have some options to reach the city.

By Bus

ATVO is the company that manages this route. It will take one hour to reach Piazzale Roma, the closest point to Venice Center where every motor-driven vehicle has to stop, for a 12€ ticket fare. 
This bus stops also by Venezia Mestre Train Station; we recommend to check if your accommodation is anywhere near there.

By Train (bus + train)

Unfortunately, there isn't a train station inside Treviso Airport, so you have to take an urban bus to Treviso Train Station then head to Venezia Santa Lucia Train Station from there. 
This is the cheapest way: the bus ticket costs 1.30€ and the train ticket 3.45€. 

By Taxi

You can also choose comfort and take a taxi, and this is the more expensive way to reach Venice. These rides come with some flat fees and they are:
Treviso Airport - Piazzale Roma (Venice): € 76,00
Treviso Airport -  Mestre Train Station: € 64,00