How to get Granada from Madrid or Barcelona

Traveling to Granada from either Barcelona or Madrid can be a daunting experience. We're trying to make your life easier!

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The easiest way to reach Granada from the two towns is by flight. However, boarding a flight would translate to missing out on the best sights of Spain. Traveling should be fun and enjoyable to create a nostalgic experience. Hence you do not want to miss out on these epic moments. Thus, there are better ways to reach Granada besides a direct plane. First, if you are traveling from Barcelona, you can consider passing through Madrid. Below are the various ways you can consider reaching Granada.

By plane 

If you do not fancy long trips or you are road phobic, you can catch a flight at from Barcelona to Granada. You will spend approximately two hours to Granada. The cost s pocket-friendly especially if you are not to stop on your way. If you use connecting flights, the charges might be expensive.

By Guided Tour

Rather than traveling all by yourself, a guided tour makes the journey exceptional. At least with some companion, you won’t get bored along the way. If your trip starts in Barcelona, it is wise to have a stop at Madrid. Take advantage of the multi-day Spain tours that pass-through Madrid, Seville, Cordoba and then Granada. Also, you must worry less since, with the guided tours, it is a guarantee that the will take you back to Barcelona when you get done.

By Train

You can board a train at Sants station from Barcelona to Granada. Since nit s a long way to Granada from Barcelona, a stop at Madrid will not harm. It is essential that you secure your ticket with Rail Europe days before the due date. Using an interactive train map of Spain will help you know what towns to pass through and what to expect on your journey.
By BusUsing a bus, it is a thirteen hours’ drive from Barcelona to Granada. You must secure your bus ticket online. No extra charges get incurred when you book your ticket online. On the travel day, ensure that you board the appropriate bus either Sants or Nord bus station depending on your ticket.

By Car

You can compare the car rental rates in Spain to get the best car services. The journey takes at most eight hours when using the AP-7 and A-92. You can, however, use a long way to Granada by passing via Madrid.
It depends on your schedule and your priorities. When you use the above means, each one will land you at Granada. Pan your trip properly to get the exposure and to have a lifetime adventure. Also, get the best travel rates.