10 Things to do in Madrid

Let's find out the best things to see in Madrid including Museo del Prado, Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Gran Via, Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, and more.

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Madrid View

Visiting a big city like Madrid and succeeding to view all it offers is not a simple thing. From visiting traditional restaurants to bars and museums, every site you view draws attention. Also, the special sites bring in many visitors as they unfold with unique arts and well-designed buildings. You can experience the best of Madrid as much as you want by visiting the great ten things to do in this city. In case you don't manage to visit all these outlined attractions, you can come back always.

Gran Via: 1-kilometer Wide Stretching Street

Gran Via, Madrid

Shops, casinos, restaurants, and bars line up in the longest street of Madrid. The main tourist venue of the city runs from metropolis constructions to Plaza de Espana. When you move on the roads, you will go through bronze status before you land to the next landmark. That is Gran via, a place for preserving glassy jewelry ever since the year 1952. You will get wowed by wall arts and window display. Furthermore, a person can manage to have a photo pick with legendary celebrities that have visited the place.

Museo Del Prado, Thyssen-Sofia, and Reina Sofia: Small Galleries and Great Museums

Prado Museum in Madrid

In Art Triangle of Madrid, any visitor coming to this city feels eager to get the area. The triangle comprises of three vertices including the Museo Del Prado, Thyssen-Sofia, and Reina Sofia. These vertices provide great arts and special gardens for tourists. Besides, the cultural Panorama in Madrid is excellent areas that offer contemplate beauty. You can always visit the place to enjoy the artwork.

Cuatro Torres: Madrid Skyline Best Views

Cuatro Torres

From a roof balcony, at Real Madrid, you can view the entire city. The prominent avenues, known monuments, Cuatro Torres, skyscrapers, and green gardens offer ideal space to see the sun and take drinks. Apart from viewing, five-star hotels like de las Letras and urbanized swimming pools provide a vantage point for all visitors.

Get some Local Spanish Beers

Beer in Madrid

A few drinks like beer, soft drinks, and wine is preferred by people while passing the time. The weather in Madrid is always lovely, and all the restaurants and bars open up daily. One unique place that offers these drinks is Parque del Buen Retiro. Young stars find it as the best meeting place. Mark you, weekends become the best days for folks to enjoy themselves. Moreover, people like the place with modern restaurants that have vintage décor.

Visiting the City’s Green Parks

Madrid Parks

Due to excellent weather, Madrid has many green spaces. Therefore, anyone touring the city will quickly realize the green nature of this city. Comparing New York’s city park to Casa de Campo, the Spanish park is bigger like five times. With 1700 hectares occupied by vegetation, flowers, and interior features like a lake, you will find people riding on horses and boats. Also, Madrid zoo, sports amenities, and private youth places attract many people.

The plaza Castellana viewed from Bottom to Top

Paseo de la Castellana

In Paseo de la Castellana, you will find big hotels, financial center, and supermarkets. Also, the most visited soccer stadium Santiago Bernabeu, the center to football club Real Madrid is located here. As such, soccer lovers find their joy in this city as well as visit Science Natural Museum. At the Kio towers, you can have a good look at the tall Building Castellana Plaza.

Vital Sights to View 

Plaza Mayor in Madrid

Whether you want to stay downtown for a week or five months, you have to visit at least two essential sites. Plaza Mayor is an attractive area that a person cannot afford to miss. One can relax with a cup of tea or café. Many folks come to enjoy the Information Center for Tourists. Furthermore, the ancient Puerta de Alcal’a reminds people of Madrid’s independence.

In El Rastro, People go for Treasure Hunting

El Rastro Market

Over the weekends, it looks like the entire Madrid is in a single place. Traders gather in a neighborhood of Ribera de Curtidores. They sell second-hand items and clothes. Additionally, vinyl records and valuable jewelry are some items sold here. You have to get there early in the morning in case you need to purchase goods. Otherwise, later in the day the place turns out and becomes a river of shoppers.

Owners of restaurants and bars have taken advantage of the available customers and invested in this area. Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza has similar activities taking place like in El Rastro. Therefore, the buyers who come from all corners of the world must get themselves items and clothing from these marketplaces.

Madrid Broadway Musical Theatre

Teatro de la luz

In the streets of Madrid, lined are cinemas and performance theatres. The cultural music and arts attract long queues at the city. Since 1944, Teatro Compac Gran Via becomes the oldest theatre in Madrid. Besides, it can hold dances, musicals, and other performances. Therefore, people can visit the place to view the cultural forms of entertainment.

Also, Museo del Prado has hosted best musicals and successful artists. The Lion King is among the many theatres that Mamma Mia, Les Miserable, and Jesus Christ Superstar have taken place. As such, folks can come from all over the world to get entertained. 

Get to Enjoy a Nice Party

Party in Madrid

Streets of Malanasa are center of Post-Franco in Madrid. Cultural dances and overnight bars make people enjoy the parties. Thus, those in Madrid can participate in party events to enjoy the goodness of this city. Also, people look for new places that have opened in recent days. They look for drinking joints that can offer them the best drinking services. 

Reina Sofia provides amusement parks for young kids to enjoy themselves when they accompany their parents to these parties. Thus, people should move with their families and enjoy the party time together. Moreover, it becomes simple to handle kids during these events and manage to dance, drink, and rest during the occasions.

For Madrid citizens and tourists who do not know the goodness of Madrid, they can look at the fantastic things to do in this city. From parties to amusement parks, they have a lot of things to make them enjoy the place. Also, the skyscrapers provide the overview of tall buildings in the city. Hence, folks will always want to visit Madrid.